Immigration and Citizenship Application: Common Mistakes, Myths and Facts

As it is at the same time stressful, long and perilous, the process of immigration requires various complex administrative procedures that must be respected and adhered to in order to assure compliance with the law. Concerned about the future citizens to our country, immigration lawyers work diligently to offer families the opportunity to enjoy their new life in their new country as quickly as legally possible. Having the experience and know how to handle these types of cases, the lawyers of Sabbagh & Associés carry out the most professional work for its clients in the field of Immigration Law in Montreal.

That said, we dive into a discussion in this article of the most commonly seen errors when going through the process of immigration.

What are the most common mistakes during the Canadian immigration application?

immigration application lawyer with canadian flagThe visitor visa

Since ultimately immigration is a question of being allowed to move into a new country, one must be diligent and respect the strict rules governing future immigrants. Many immigrant families assume that motivation, money, or fluency in the language of the country is enough to integrate without worry. This assumption is wrong since each destination has its own prerequisites and integration rules for immigrants that must be adhered to in order to be compliant with the host countries governing laws.

Thus, it is often of no surprise that many families rush to apply for a tourist visa, expecting that in doing so they will also be received as immigrants. Although Canada is a country with high immigration appeal, immigration law stipulates that families with a tourist visa will never be able to realize their life plans as Canadian residents. The application for a resident visa cannot be done with a visitor’s visa.

Identity Documentation

Affecting nearly one in five families, the problem of proper identity documentation is also a real issue for immigrants. Some common errors on documentation that commonly will give rise to issues in the porches of immigration are seen regarding things like the proper date of birth, sex, first name or last name of a said person.  In most cases, these errors occur during the identification of immigrants at the airport or on a more international basis, in refugee camps. Prospective immigrants have the right to file a request for change with the responsible services and organizations such as immigration, citizenship and refugee institutions. This area of immigration is one of the many that Sabbagh & Associés have built a vast experience upon and that can accompany you in your attempts avoid further frustrations regarding your immigration to Canada.

The Case of Sponsorship

For dependent children, parents and/or legal guardians are required to complete a family information form. This form represents a mandatory file for the immigration Quebec application. As for children born to partners of Canadian origin, they bear the title of Canadian citizens and do not need to be sponsored. If you have proof of the child’s citizenship, all you need to do is forward a copy of the document along with your file.

Myths and realities of Canadian citizenship application

Here are concrete answers that may help future Canadian residents:

  • It is said that in Canada it is forbidden to have dual nationality, it is a myth because Canadians can keep their citizenship and become citizens of other countries.
  • A person is a Canadian citizen when born in that country, has a parent from Canada, or has gone through a naturalization process.
  • In the list of many rights and freedoms available to citizens living in Canada, there is an exception to the entry and exit of the country. Indeed, every citizen has the right to access or leave the country freely, however they can not forget their Canadian passport.
  • The Study Permit is one of the official documents that the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada issues to a foreign students applying for immigration to Canada. The purpose of this document is to authorize this person to study freely in Canada.
  • Regarding permanent residents, they have the same rights and duties as those of real Canadian citizens. On the other hand, these residents cannot vote, join the army, become members of the jury or practise the profession of a judge.

How to find an immigration lawyer near me “you” today

immigration law concept for immigration application helpImmigration lawyers will be defined according to the situation that the applicants are facing. For business immigration, lawyers can intervene during the writing of documents, offer advice on the type of business to adopt, the eligibility and relevance of projects support for the development of the entity to be created.

Regarding family immigration, professionals have a lot of documentation about legal obligations in relation to future engagement. For the temporary immigration Quebec application, lawyers offer advice, draft and prepare documents and act in the face of court decisions.

Finally, there is the temporary immigration service to advise clients on the criteria for obtaining a permit, a request, or even the extension of a status or the modification.


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NOTE: This article does not constitute legal advice from or legal opinion. It is only used to inform readers about certain aspects of immigration law.