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Sabbagh & Associé Inc. law firm in Montreal is your ideal partner in labour law and employment law, whether you are an employer or an employee.
Labour law isn’t just contractual, since the contract only represents one part of the working relationship, which is why it’s a field marked by complexity. Labour law is governed by many pieces of legislation: the labour code, the employment standards act, the civil code, etc. Their application depends on both the field of business (federal or provincial) and the status of the employee within the company (middle or senior manager). It’s therefore hard for the layperson to find the right path and take the right steps within the prescribed timeframes. Working with a labour lawyer, however, guarantees your security and helps you understand the scope of your rights and obligations throughout your former or new employer or employee relationship.

Collective agreements

In addition to the Labour Code, the collective agreements negotiated and concluded by union representatives and management dictate the working conditions and relationships within a company. They’re official written agreements that generally contain favourable provisions for employees and clauses regarding seniority or labour movements. Despite these two protections, however, certain disputes may arise that are more complex or that can’t be favourably resolved. The employee may also feel that they are poorly represented by their union. In these circumstances, if it turns out that the union offers poor representation, the employee has the right to be represented by a labour lawyer of their choice at the expense of their union.

Sabbagh & Associé Inc. when proficiency in labour law matters

Our firm offers a wide range of services related to labour law. First of all, we help write employment contracts according to the industry in question so that both parties are aware of their rights and obligations (non-compete clauses, non-solicitation, trade secrets, etc.). We represent employees/employers in disputes relating to dismissal, termination, prohibited practices, or psychological harassment. Our role is either to negotiate severance packages or represent employees/employers before the relevant authorities. Aware of the tension that can arise between an employee and their employer within the context of a labour dispute and the repercussions that this can have on the parties, we’re committed to adopting a respectful but firm approach during negotiations or disputes.

Experienced employment lawyers, home or abroad

Finally, based on our experience in immigration law, Sabbagh & Associés Inc. is able to promote the international mobility of employees within the same company and facilitate the recruitment of foreign talent.


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