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Significant investment, the property’s purchase is a life project for the purchaser. Yet, this transaction is not far from addressing some concerns as the discovery of hidden defects after signing the sales contract. Often the seller has no idea of the defects presence or he hides them at the time of sale. In both cases, the seller is held responsible and you can request a refund. To help you in this process, contact our real estate lawyers .


Why should you contact our law firm for hidden defects?

First of all, be fearless! The discovery of a hidden defect after the real estate transaction is a frequent problem. We have assisted several clients who discovered hidden defects after the sale of the property. Our many years of experience in real estate law allow us to successfully fulfill the mandates entrusted to us. Our role is to protect the consumer and to help him during the legal action after he discover the hidden defects. Otherwise, our real estate lawyers are able to provide advice and defend the seller.

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Lawyers who support you into a legal procedure

Following the demand letter, the buyer is able to start an appeal court against the seller. It’s in this stage that our real estate firm lawyers come. First meeting will offer you advice that guide either you are the seller or the buyer.

Our expertise in real estate law

The intervention of a real estate lawyer is necessary in many cases, especially for litigation concerning hidden defects. Whether you are a seller or a buyer facing to hidden defects, calling on our real estate law experts remains the most appropriate solution.


For the seller

Although the seller is aware or not defects in the property to sell, it can be pursued by the buyer. Thus, he will receive a demand letter and legal proceedings. To help the seller, our real estate lawyers analysis the situation and produces coeffective defense strategy.


For the buyer

Usually, it’s the buyer who contact us for hidden defects problem. In principle, the buyer asks us for a legal expertise to highlight defects in buildings. Our real estate lawyers charge to request the competent court to take this step. Then we wrote and we advise you on elements introduced in the reporting case.


If you request cancelling a purchase, our real estate law specialists will use wisely relevant jurisdiction based on legal expertise report. By using our services, you can obtain a purchase cancellation due to hidden defects.


Sabbagh & Associé Inc. has solid experience regarding real estate law since 1987. By listening to our customers, you will be able to receive the best legal advice to find solutions adapted to your situation.


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