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The law is a vast field that covers many areas of your personal and professional life. With over 35 years of experience, we excel at defending your interests, whatever the nature of the dispute.

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National and international civil and commercial law

Civil and commercial law concerns businesses and individuals. Our role is to support you in your business procedures – both here and abroad – in order to handle them with peace of mind. Based on our 35 years of experience and the quality of our international network, we offer you personalized solutions that are perfectly suited to your situation.

National and international civil and commercial litigation

Facing civil or commercial litigation can be a trying experience for the uninitiated, especially when it extends to the national or international sphere. Always attentive to your needs, our law firm will analyze your situation and offer you effective solutions. Our expertise as well as our many international contacts will be excellent assets when it comes to protecting your rights.


The field of taxation is complex and therefore requires specific knowledge. Attentive to your needs and expectations, we make every effort to offer you personalized service in order to optimize the benefits of your transactions. Our expertise extends to the many facets of tax law.

Labour law

Labour law and the right to work concern both employers and employees, and they’re part of the daily life of Quebeckers. The remedies are numerous, the proceedings are multiple, and the challenges are significant. Sabbagh & Associé Inc. advises and supports you, draws up contracts, handles potential disputes, and represents you in court when the situation requires it. Our humanistic approach and our expertise are particularly appreciated.


Provincial and federal immigration rules are complex and constantly changing. Although it may appear simple, the immigration process often has many hurdles to overcome, which can delay your plan to settle in Canada. That’s why we offer to assist you with the different administrative procedures. We can inform you, assist you, and take all possible steps to ensure that your application is successful.


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Multilingual service

French, English, Arabic, & Spanish