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The law is a vast field that covers many areas of your personal and professional life. With over 30 years of experience, we excel at defending your interests, whatever the nature of the dispute.

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Civil Law

Civil law is the most extensive area of law. Aware of this legal reality, our first meeting with you is applicable to hear your needs and understand. Listening to your needs, we can write you a contract “bespoke” suits your needs. We have an innovative and creative approach to the law.

Litige civil

Facing civil or commercial litigation can be a trying experience for the uninitiated, especially when it extends to the national or international sphere. Always attentive to your needs, our law firm will analyze your situation and offer you effective solutions. Our expertise as well as our many international contacts will be excellent assets when it comes to protecting your rights.

Tax Law

Our tax lawyers offer innovative solutions in the complex field of taxation by developing customized structures that maximize the tax benefits of your transactions.

Labour law

Whether you are an employer or employee, it is essential to be advised by an experienced labour lawyer to properly protect your interests.


Immigrating to Canada is a long process that is often complex and deserves to be dealt with by professional immigration lawyers who have experience and expertise in the field.

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Multilingual service

French, English, Arabic, Spanish

514 596 1457