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Individuals and businesses all have rights and obligations. Whether you’re looking for a lawyer who specializes in civil or commercial law, the law firm of Sabbagh & Associé Inc. provides smart, personalized advice to companies and small businesses in Québec regarding their business relationships.

The advantage of being supported by professionals in civil and commercial law

National civil commercial Lawyer Sabbagh Associés photoAware of the legal issues that can sometimes arise in competitive circumstances, we help import/export firms, production companies, and wholesalers and retailers tackle their challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you’re a wholesaler, a distributor, a retailer, or a licensed franchise company, handling a legal matter can prove particularly delicate and time-consuming. Our goal and our mission is to accompany you and guide you through the procedure in order to assist you in handling the legal and strategic component. This reassuring presence lets you – on one hand – tackle the challenges with peace of mind and – on the other hand – devote all your efforts to maintaining or growing your business and productivity. Our goal is to let you benefit from our experience.

When it comes to civil law, we support you in any process that relates to buying a house, negotiating a mortgage, hidden defects, co-ownership, neighbourhood disturbances, accidents (slip and fall), civil liability, and litigation regarding inheritance.

Our fields of expertise

We perfectly master the standards specific to your field of business. We’re also able to inform and support you when it comes to the rules regarding the management of your business, which is affected by a whole host of strict regulations. In addition, we can assist you with the general standards that apply to all businesses (such as business regulations, leases, intellectual property, etc.), and we have a firm grasp of trade negotiation. We’re also familiar with labour law, taxes, immigration, etc. We have many skills that have been confirmed for over 35 years.

A defense in Québec and abroad

Our expertise extends to representing our clients during litigation and trials in Québec, in the other provinces of Canada, and internationally. We have a vast network of correspondents on several continents that allows us to be aware of the legislative and regulatory standards of other countries.

The legal universe is complex. The trust that you put in us will let you handle all sorts of legal challenges with peace of mind.


Multilingual service

French, English, Arabic, & Spanish


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