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What is a tax lawyer and when should I call one?

A tax lawyer is professionally trained to advise and defend the interests of his or her clients in matters of tax law. Find out when it is useful to consult a tax lawyer, whether you are an individual or an entrepreneur.

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Six Reasons to Hire an Employment Lawyer

Six Reasons to Hire an Employment Lawyer When to hire an employment lawyer Whether you are an employer or an employee, you have a responsibility to understand some basic concepts related to the labour laws in Canada. Your failure to do so could lead you to...

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Estate Lawyer

Talking with an Estate Lawyer Estate Planning: How to Settle an Estate This article seeks to elaborate on how consulting with an estate lawyer can help you plan your estate in a timely manner so that you can be prepared to see that your will and estate properly...

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What qualifies for lifetime capital gains exemption?

Many people in Canada are interested in reducing their tax obligations and identifying the exemptions that can provide significant savings. Good tax planning involves understanding the exemptions you may qualify for and taking relevant actions to ensure that you...

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Contesting a will | Main points you should know

Contesting a will – capacity versus incapacity Typically, when people think of a family inheritance or anything related to an inheritance people think about last will and testaments and the distribution of an estate. Many people assume that if there is a will in...

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