How a business lawyer can help you save time… and money

Calling on the knowledge and experience of a lawyer specializing in business law has a number of advantages, particularly for business owners. Find out what this professional’s role entails and how they are able to guide their customers.

What does a business lawyer do?

The role of this professional is to provide legal advice to company officers or employees seeking legal or tax advice. In addition to their role as advisor, the lawyer is called upon to verify and draft contracts, resolve commercial disputes, take charge of negotiations when a case has to be presented in court, and guide his customers in their commercial transactions and their national and international business negotiations.

Their expertise extends to the fields of regulatory compliance and intellectual property, ensuring that their entrepreneurial client’s interests are protected. This expert’s role also includes carrying out in-depth research to identify any potential problems before a major agreement is concluded between his client and a third party.

Both a corporate lawyer and international business lawyer

It is not uncommon to find a business or commercial lawyer involved in corporate litigation, or invited as an expert witness. His experience and training enable him to act as a corporate lawyer and international business lawyer.

On request, they can organize information sessions, seminars and legal workshops for company personnel, to provide them with insight into relevant legal issues.

When does a business lawyer have to negotiate?

A business owner can call on a business lawyer for commercial matters, negotiating the terms of a supplier agreement, contract, partnership agreement or lease. As a customer’s representative, they negotiate the terms and conditions relating to the rights of the parties involved, shareholders’ rights, or any other clause or specification mentioned in a contract.


When it comes to financing a company, a business lawyer may have to take charge of negotiating the investment and loan terms involved.

In the event of a commercial dispute, they may have to negotiate with the opposing party in an attempt to resolve the problem amicably. Negotiations can also focus on the financial settlement aspect or on other compromise alternatives. In a labor relations context, this specialized lawyer is called upon to negotiate to help resolve a dispute over working conditions or the content of a collective agreement.

Within the framework of a franchise or license, this expert is called upon to negotiate the terms of the agreements to ensure that their client’s interests and rights are respected. When an entrepreneur is planning to establish new business partnerships or make major acquisitions, the advice of his or her lawyer can help him or her better understand the sometimes complex legal aspects of these transactions.

Can this specialist help a company manager with tax issues?

A business lawyer can provide entrepreneurs with valuable advice on strategies to legally reduce their company’s tax burden. They can also guide their clients in setting up a new business or modifying an existing structure to comply with tax and legal requirements. Calling on this specialized lawyer is the best way for a business owner to make informed decisions on tax matters and save precious time.

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Two business lawyers each with a law doctorate

Mr. Sabbagh was a lecturer at the Université de Montréal. He is the author of the book entitled “Judicial civil liability“, published by LexisNexis in spring 2023, and co-author of “Legis Pratique – Code of civil procedure“(annotated since 2020) and holds a doctorate in law, Me Yasmina Boukossa also holds a doctorate in law, and specializes in national and transnational commercial law.

Consulting a competent business lawyer can help you avoid costly complications. He also saves precious time by not having to attempt to resolve complex legal issues himself. He also saves precious time by not having to attempt to resolve complex legal issues himself.

NOTE: This article does not constitute legal advice. It is intended solely to inform readers of certain aspects of the details generally associated with the services of a business lawyer.