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A real estate lawyer at Sabbagh & Associé Inc. is generally available within 24 hours when you need to discuss trouble in real estate matters or a construction dispute. The team at Sabbagh & Associé Inc. will uphold your rights when a conflict, hidden defect, or any other facet of real estate litigation is required.

The firm Sabbagh & Associé Inc. has a real estate lawyer on hand in our office at all times that is proficient in local Montreal real estate law matters and international real estate law.

Our firm has been working in real estate law for over 30 years! Since the inception of our firm. We have fulfilled mandates in construction law and obtained licenses and permits from the Construction Commission of Quebec and the RBQ for our clients when necessary.

Sabbagh & Associés inc. has assisted clients with hypothecs of construction, which was formerly referred to as a legal construction mortgage prior to 1994 before the advent of the new Civil Code of Québec.

Our experience representing all parties involved in real estate law litigation cases or hypothec of construction disputes allows us to provide you excellent insight. We have represented architectural contractors, their employee’s and building owners and such have experience from a multitude of viewpoints to better help you with your situation. The expertise of our real estate lawyers covers commercial and industrial buildings as well as residential buildings: condominiums, divided or undivided co-ownerships and single-family dwellings.

Real estate law in all its forms

We have also fulfilled many mandates regarding defects in construction, latent defects and hidden defects. We represent buyers, sellers, building brokers and inspectors, and other professionals in the construction industry. We take law regarding personal properties very seriously out of the fact that for all persons, their home is the most important investment of their life and so no one should have the right to infringe on the enjoyment of the owner or person(s)/company building the home. Thus, the right of neighborhood, the various aspects of the co-ownership, easements, the rite of passage, the riparian rights, the representation of the unions of co-owners in the fulfillment of their duties of management, are all familiar to us.

International real estate lawyer available

We have completed real estate developer assistance mandates in Quebec, for clients across Canada, as well as in several foreign countries in the areas of Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, as well as in the USA. Our firm has assisted clients in the realization of real estate investments abroad, and locally in Quebec in a wide variety of legal real estate mandates that concerned buildings, be it as an investment or construction, as well as the purchase of land in Canada and elsewhere. Sabbagh & Associé Inc. litigation lawyers are well versed with the ins and outs of the law pertaining to the financing of construction with Canadian banks and foreign banking systems.

We have been and continue to be partners in the success of our clients’ real estate businesses and we ensure that all cases opened at Sabbagh & Associé Inc. are done in compliance with local and international applicable laws, always respecting donor requests, municipal and provincial requirements, and international tax planning. In the event that a said situation requires legal counsel from outside of the country, Sabbagh & Associé Inc. is able to co-ordinate matters requiring real estate lawyers outside of the country.


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