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Sabbagh & Associé Inc. is a law firm that has been established in Montreal since 1987. Having a vision internationally, the firm has worked mainly in real estate, corporate and general civil. International trade mandates have multiplied throughout the past 35 years, which enabled the firm to develop a wide open mind and a sharp expertise about different cultures as well as different ways to make a country the other. We therefore, retaining our independence, several strategic alliances worldwide with other law firms, allowing us to have access to a wealth of insider information.

The contribution of the firm to protect the rights of domestic and foreign customers, for both local mandates in Quebec than elsewhere, has been consistent and has continued to grow.


To be true to our original vision and to meet the growing needs of our clients, our firm has built through the years a reputation both nationally and internationally. To do this, our team is affiliated with numerous duly authorized by the professional lawyers in their respective countries and offering comprehensive services involving a range of practice areas of law and business.


We are a passionate team, dynamic and innovative research professionals who share the same values to join our team. If you wish to apply for one of the jobs listed, please send your curriculum vitae to the following email address: reception@sabbagh.ca

Paul Sabbagh - Sabbagh Associé law firm profile photo
  •  Admission to the Bar : Quebec: 1987
  • Training :
    – 2022 – Doctor of Laws (LL.D.): UdeM
    – 2003 – Master of Business Administration M.B.A.: ESG
    – 1985 – LL. L: UNIVERSITY Ottawa
    – 1982 – BA Political Science: UQAM


Me Paul Sabbagh


Mr. Paul Sabbagh founded the Sabbagh & Associé Inc. law firm in 1987. His expertise include litigation in civil law, real estate law, commercial and tax law.

Mr. Sabbagh is well versed with the in’s and out’s of litigation, even in the most complex cases. He has helped establish Sabbagh & Associé Inc. as one of the best litigation law firms in Montreal. Whether litigating commercial cases in international law related cases or litigating commercial transactions before the Quebec courts, Mr. Sabbagh has seen it all. Additionally, he has a particularly strong track record for cases involving disputes at the firm.

In addition, he is a lecturer at the University of Montreal and co-author of LegisPratique – Code de procédure civile annoté 2020, author of “La responsabilité civile judiciaire”, to be published in spring 2023, by LexisNexis.

He represents clients before all civil courts of Quebec and before the Supreme Court of Canada;

    • Languages: French, English, and Arabic.


– Referee commercial litigation
– Development of international trade structuresExcellent knowledge of the culture of the Middle East and the countries of Europe so that he is able to offer international law services to people looking for legal representation in the East, West and North America. To date, Mr. Sabbagh has developed a business network that spans the globe and represented several clients related to international cases;

Strategies planning expertise both in litigation as commercial business. (Specialized in business expansion and opening of new markets);

Needs assessment, strategic plan development, organization alignment with business strategy, internal and external environment analysis, implementation and monitoring;

Experience in joint venture, technology transfer, licensing, distribution and franchise agreements.


cel: 514-596-1457 poste- 222

Yasmina Boukossa - Sabbagh Associé law firm profile photo
  • Admission to the Bar : Versailles: 2021 | Quebec: 2011 | Algeria: 1999
  • Training :

    – 2022 – Doctorate in International Law (LL.D.) – UQAM
    – 2019 – Graduate Program in International Administration – ENAP
    – 2008 – Master in Business Law – UDEM
    – 2007 – D.E.S.S. in international law – UDEM
    – 2006 – Certificate in Translation – McGill
    – 2004 – Teaching license in a foreign language – Faculty of foreign languages – Algiers
    – 1995 – LL.L – Faculty of Algiers

Me Yasmina Boukossa


Yasmina Boukossa has been practicing as a lawyer in dispute related cases with the Sabbagh & Associé Inc. law firm since 2011. Her areas of expertise include litigation in civil law, property law, and international law.

Ms. Boukossa is also in charge of cases related to labour law (labour standards, labour code and cases that fall under 47.2. As well, it can be argued that Ms. Boukossa is one of, if not the most experienced immigration lawyers in Montreal. Helping establish Sabbagh & Associé Inc. as one of Montreal’s best immigration law firms for new arrivals and people looking to emigrate to Canada to turn to for legal matters.

    • Spoken and written languages : French, English, Spanish and Arabic.


– Representations before all judicial and administrative bodies of Quebec as well as with the Canadian Federal Court.
– Mandates in labor law ;
– Mandates for international law ;
– Mandates in immigration law.

Member of the Association québécoise des avocats et avocates en droit de l’immigration.
Membre of the Société québécoise de droit international.
Member of the Canadian Council on International Law.
Member of the Quebec Association of Defence Counsel


cel: 514-596-1457 poste- 223


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French, English, Arabic, & Spanish


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