What is a tax lawyer and when should I call one?

What is a tax lawyer and when should I call one? A tax lawyer is professionally trained to advise and defend the interests of his clients in all legal tax matters. Find out when it is useful to consult one, whether you are an individual or an entrepreneur.

What is the role of a tax lawyer?

The main role of a tax lawyer is to advise a client (individual, company, organization…) and to represent him in case of litigation or tax offence. His knowledge of taxation, law and jurisprudence serves as a basis for defending the economic and legal interests of his clients.

What are the differences between a tax specialist and a tax lawyer?

It is important to know that the title of tax lawyer is not a reserved or protected profession. For example, an accountant can adopt the title of tax accountant. The tax specialist is often an employee of an administration or a company. They cannot give tax advice outside the environment in which they work. Professional secrecy does not apply to a tax lawyer, as he is not a lawyer.

A tax lawyer is a professional who has obtained a law degree and received a license to practice law in Quebec from the Barreau du Québec. Some of these lawyers also hold a master’s degree in taxation. This professional practices independently and must be registered with the Quebec Bar Association. When an individual or the representative of a company is subject to audits of his or her tax file by the government, or to a dispute with the income tax authorities, only a lawyer specialized in taxation can guide and represent him or her.

When is it useful to consult this expert?

For business:
It is wise to call upon a tax lawyer for legal procedures involving various projects such as investment, corporate reorganization, acquisition, merger, financial arrangement, business succession… His professional experience allows him to avoid problems for his client related to Quebec and Canadian taxation, or even international taxation, particularly in the case of expatriation or development outside Quebec or Canada.

For an individual :
Certain income tax related transactions can only be handled by a lawyer specialized in tax law. For example, to be represented before the tax authorities in the event of a tax dispute or a tax offence, to prepare a notice of adjustment of returns, or simply to obtain informed advice to facilitate What is a tax lawyer and when should I call one?tax planning. Also to establish a payment agreement or an objection process. In the event of an estate settlement, this lawyer can propose solutions so that the heir has to pay the least amount of taxes possible while respecting the law.

What is the role of an international tax lawyer?

An international tax lawyer focuses on at least two countries. These experts are essential to companies engaged in global business. They can also advise private clients based abroad who hold significant assets and want sound tax advice.

Where to find this type of expert?

By consulting a law firm recognized for its professionalism and the quality of its services, you will be assigned a lawyer specialized in the tax field. In Quebec, the law firm of Sabbagh & Associates in Montreal – in business since 1987 – is a reference in this field. You will benefit from an attentive ear when presenting your reason for consultation and judicious personalized advice will be provided to you. When you call on this firm, you will find allies ready to represent you to protect and defend your rights in tax matters.

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NOTE: This article does not constitute legal advice or legal opinion. It is only used to inform readers about certain aspects of law.